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5 Cryptocurrencies with Highest Trading Volume

When you have decided to trade in cryptos, it becomes important to know which the top-ranking coins in terms of trading volume and market capitalization are. Cryptos are digitalized assets which compete against objects like gold; whether you are a newbie or a seasoned investor, you know that the crypto market has a huge potential. While governments may be banning cryptos in some countries or not legalizing their operations, the fact remains that people are now looking at crypto as an alternative form of investment. People have begun to use cognitive trading apps such as Bitcoin Buyer, which automates the entire trading process in order to gain huge profits. Visit to know more information about trading cryptos using this automated bot. So, how do you know which are the safest cryptos to trade and which will assure you of good returns?

  1. Tether: This is a blockchain-based crypto had been launched in 2014 with its prices fixed to USD.  Tether tokens or native tokens belonging to Tether network, are traded as USDT. Today, it is the third largest crypto according to market cap, which is currently around $62 billion. Its 24-hour trade volume is one of the highest. Tether is really in the category of stable coins that were aimed at keeping crypto prices stable unlike the huge swings which were seen in popular cryptos like Ethereum and Bitcoin.
  2. Bitcoin: Bitcoin is of course the pioneer in the crypto world, having been launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is based on the blockchain technology and promoted as an alternative decentralized payment system. Its 24-hour trade volume is $53 billion USD. Bitcoin has amazing growth potential as is evident from its largest share in the total cryptocurrency market cap. Bitcoin had reached an all-time record high of $60,000 this April and has now reduced by 50% following the latest market crash. Have a look at investera i bitcoin review blog to learn about investing in Bitcoin and the best platforms to approach.
  3. Ethereum: This has been the second in line to Bitcoin historically in terms of popularity. It is founded on the Ethereum blockchain while the crypto is called Ether. Ethereum offers “smart contracts” and decentralized apps are created through it. Its 24-hour trade volume is approximately $34 billion USD and it is second only to Bitcoin in terms of market cap which is at $286 billion USD.
  4. EOS: This crypto is a blockchain-based decentralized infrastructure enabling hosting, development, and running of dApps. The EOS system has 2 elements, namely EOS tokens and EOS.IO. The EOS.IO is the system structure while EOS tokens are the network’s cryptocurrency. It has a current 24-hour trading volume of approximately $5.28 billion. Its main rival is Ethereum which is still ahead in popularity. On the whole, EOS shows a lot of promise and investors can find it an affordable option.
  5. Ripple: This is a utility coin with a blockchain for facilitating cross-border money transfers. Ripple is connected to and also supported by many banks right from the start and therefore called the “establishment” crypto. Transfer services related to Ripple have increased substantially over time and it looks set to become a part of the conventional financial system. Its 24-hour trading volume is around $4.64 billion and it remains one of the most affordable cryptocurrencies showing immense growth potential.